Megan has been working in the field of design for 20 years. An academic background in interior design, fine arts/media and an environmentally aware upbringing led her to explore an ethical design model that works to negate the waste, excess and damage caused by our contemporary built environment.  In the last 12 years Megan has trained as a home sustainability assessor and a permaculture designer and teacher. Megan has worked with over 100 households to create transformative retrofit and sustainable design resolutions.

In 2010 Megan founded the multi-disciplined design studio Brave New Eco. Her life-long obsession is to seek a resourceful way to live and work in our interior and built environments- and how design can affect our relationships, health and habits. Megan’s interest in design sits at an intersection between philosophy, science and aesthetics. Her design process endeavours to resolve the tension between these junctions and to dig deeper than the aspirational consumer messages contemporary life is flooded with.

To further understand Megan's design ethos visit the Brave New Eco website where you can read more about her design approach, see past design projects, and discover her comprehensive blog entries and press profiles.


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